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Why the DJ Exit Exam is much reliable than other exiting exams you may know of………

The DJ Comprehensive Predictor Exam is much harder than the NCLEX Exam!

  That is why, in general, the DJ Exit Exam is the most reliable predictor of NCLEX success. Because the DJ Exit Exam is more difficult than the real NCLEX exam, schools who only allow students who have passed the DJ Exit Exam to take the NCLEX exam receive an artificially inflated student pass rate. This in turn will attract new students to the school.

According to state law, nursing programs that have above 87% NCLEX first time tester pass rate will receive more money from the state and will, most likely, attract more investors.

Therefore, if you want your school to be one of those recognized schools attracting new students every day, then; you need to make the right decision today. For this year, make the right decision that you cannot regret.

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Is your school struggling to raise its National Scores on the NCLEX examination? If this is your situation, make a decision today to use a comprehensive exam that will stimulate your students and make them study hard for the NCLEX.

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